The week that has been….



We are beginning to get slightly festive. Do keep an eye out for our Christmas online shop over the next couple of weeks!

Had a jolly into Bath with my Mother and this rather gorgeous wreath caught my eye! Think I might have to make me one of those for my front door…. {que plucking of many birds…}




It’s those jolly ‘Mentha’ roses that are proving very popular. We are selling rather a lot of them. Though I’m never sure quite how to describe them colour wise, especially over the phone. Suggestions gratefully received.



Very excitingly we got an order a couple of weeks ago for the wife of a rather famous man A bouquet was to be presented to her at a special event for Dorothy HouseOur flowers were famous for a moment!

We’re beginning to think all things Christmas Wreaths. There are quite a few workshops that we are putting on in the next couple of weeks, do check out our Facebook page for further details. Workshops are being held in our shop & at Hartley Farm-shop and also at Newton St Loe Farmshop


If you’d like to make one of these then get booking. Call 01225 580271 or email