Change of the seasons

I hung this on our shop door at Hartley Farm  last year.

Love autumn walks, as long as your wrapped up snugly.
Hoping to beat last years crop.

Rather yummy sunflowers we put in at the Three Daggers
An inspiring palette for your wedding?

The joys of Instagram….

Our pumpkin patch in the garden is ready to be picked, it’s an annual tradition in this household to get photos of all pumpkins grown held by my husband in a very manly way of course!! We invite friends round, cook some food and generally have a rather fabulous time. 
Sometimes I love Autumn and sometimes I find the grey weather quite depressing, though now I have no excuse not to like it cause we had a little puppy join our family last week. He’s currently going mental in the kitchen while I write this blog, it really doesn’t take much for him to be entertained. 
I promise I’ll post some picture soon, in the meantime do enjoy the pictures.