A mixed bag of flowers

Love the deep windowsills at Priston Mill

We were just smelling the fabulous scent of the freesia all morning.

Love these chair-backs at Priston Mill

A simple & elegant bridal bouquet.

A very romantic gesture from a Groom to his Bride to be.

Quite a fan of any man who sends a very romantic bouquet of flowers to his Bride to be on the morning of their wedding. 
It has been a real mixed bag of occasions and I think the above was one of the highlights. 
I know I was wittering on about Indian summers in my last blog post, did I jinx the weather?? I’ve had wet feet all day so it has been a bit miserable. 
Anyway do enjoy the rather lovely selection of floral photographs above, most of which I think were taken at Priston Mill. {What a fabulous place that is} and do try & stay dry.