A wedding with twist

This was a fantastic bouquet to create. Jo had found a picture of what she wanted and so we got to work. I used an oasis ball which I wove and pinned different grasses into create the circular shape. Then long pieces of steel-grass were threaded with pearls to create the trailing stem. Finishing it off I wove some gorgeous lily-of-the-valley in at the top to give scent and focus.

I loved the graceful way that the steel-grass fell at the bottom to create shape and curve. It was fairly light as a bouquet and easy to carry, I think some Brides might be nervous of the more unusual shape but sometimes a little bit of confidence goes a long way as Jo showed.

The photographer for Jo & Chris’s wedding was the Bristol based Dawn Wilkins, do check out her website for more of her work.

The reception was held at Limpley Stoke Hotel and we created some fabulous table-centres using Olive trees. Certainly unusual but a brilliant present to give people as a memento of the day.

This couple were very much about attention to detail, down to the buttons that were delivered to us to decorate with and the beautifully designed thank-you labels on the wine bottles.

All in all a fabulous wedding and a couple that we loved working with.