British flower power

 ‘Zinnia’ grown in Wiltshire

I had a rather interesting hour spent tweeting on Monday evening, I had seen that Georgie Newbery was promoting a ‘British Blooms’ one hour twitter special to try and get British flowers trending.

We always like to support British growers where possible, but very few Brides will ask for us to use only British flowers. When have had flowers supplied by Clowance nurseries, we’ve sold them at our shop and at Hartley Farm-shop ~ they do sell well and customers seem pleased to support the ‘local’ nature of it.

Flowers grown by Clowance nurseries
Through this twitter hour I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of growers joining in on the hash-tag #britishflowers ~ They seemed to be saying that its a growing industry in it’s early stages and I wonder as customers become more aware of it then demand will grow. 
I am certainly going to investigate more of the growers that I’ve found and see if we can offer more choice to our Brides especially as I think it’s an industry that is definantly worth supporting.
Daffodils grown by Church Farm

One Grower that we love to use is Church Farm. They are based on the Scilly Isles and are a family run business. I have to say they are an absolute life-saver at Christmas as my out-laws and in-laws are getting used to having a rather yummy bouquet of daffs turning up on their doorsteps come December time.

I guess my question would be if you are planning a wedding or just wanting to treat someone to a  bouquet of flowers, would you go out of your way to find British grown flowers??