The man that is Niemeirko

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while and am genuinely conscious of this not being too weird a write up, but……

I came across Mark Niemierko about 3 years ago when a friend mentioned she had seen his work online and I should have a look! Now I am not a wedding planner by any stretch of the imagination but creating wedding flowers most weekends, you could say I sit somewhere in the same field as him but just maybe 50 miles away.

For a man who has Peggy Porschen & Rob Van Helden  in his little black book, you can see why he is marvelously good at what he does… (if you don’t know who they are then jolly go and look em’up NOW)

I think what intrigued me was an interview I saw of his on this rather fabulous blog by the wonderful Kat Williams. It certainly gave insight into how the man had created what is quite an incredible & powerful brand. I think one of the things that struck me most was how he talked about turning up to meet brides in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when he first started out and realising that if he wanted to reflect his brand that was not the way to go. Now that was a good lesson to me in a very simple way and quite inspiring too, it is important that we are ‘ourselves’ in our business, that we are genuine in relationship to our customers (but clearly don’t look like an utter scruff at the same time).Therefore it’s always good to have people ahead of you who inspire you and make you pick your game up! Some day I will be floating round this hotel arranging flowers….

I would dearly love to meet Mark and who knows, maybe I will. But for not I continue to follow him here and there as he goes about his glamorous way.

I did comment on Kat’s blog and nearly fell over when I had an email from Mark himself thanking me for it! I tell you, I floated around for at least 24 hours….