Inspiration comes in many shapes & sizes

If someone asked me what inspires us in our business I would say people. Sounds very simple but it is the Brides & Grooms that we spend time with, the customers who let us help them celebrate special moments and the flowers that we arrange for some very difficult occasions.

The flowers to the left were given by a group of friends to a very special women who lost her Mum recently! Both had such a love of colour, there was nothing uninspiring about either women. So we wanted to show that in the bouquet, by the cheery miniature sunflowers and the fabulously scented cerise roses.

Wedding anniversary flowers

As a florist you see the whole cycle of life, babies being born, the fabulous weddings and the sadder moments of people passing away! The thing is that when flowers are chosen for any event no one person’s taste is the same. The bouquet opposite was delivered to a local hotel where the couple were celebrating their anniversary, the friend who ordered them wanted them delivered at the beginning of their weeks stay so they could enjoy the flowers right through.

A Bridal bouquet

This bridal bouquet was made for a wedding last weekend. When you think of Autumn weddings it’s very easy to get swept up in yellow/oranges/reds ~ classic seasonal colours! But we have had a run of purples/blues/burgundy ~ really rich velvety colour combinations and that’s really my point. Brides come to us with their inspiration and we enjoy the journey with them as we create something fabulous for their great day.

What inspires you dear reader?……