Life in all its glory…


Now I know this is not flower related in the slightest, but I couldn’t resist! My nephew turned five last Monday and announced that he wanted a dragon cake for this birthday – Ala Narnia style?? Well, I realise this one doesn’t look remotely scary and maybe a little tipsy but I had great fun making him and he was very well received by the small people!


No who couldn’t fail to like this photo! It could almost belong in the pages of vogue if I do say so myself. It was another Summer wedding though I don’t think they were as lucky with the weather. The Bride had a very elegant bouquet of ivory avalanche roses & Sweet avalanche roses which are a peachy colour.


I think as a bouquet this sits on it’s own. I absolutely love the colour clash and think its very elegant! I had a lot of conversations with the Bride & Groom about whether we should add anything to the bouquet and in the end she decided not too which I really glad about!

Calla lilies are so beautiful by themselves and certainly are all about making a statement if you choose too!

The one thing I can remember about this wedding was the weather! I think the couple were incredibly lucky in that they got one of the very few beautiful summer days! We received these photos recently and I’m hoping to do a whole feature on the wedding with some thoughts from the Bride herself so watch this space….

I love the clean and fresh look that the flowers have! The bouquet was a mixture of orchids, roses and green guelder roses!

Now you need not fret, I haven’t produced a baby without telling anyone! Still I couldn’t resist adding this to the collection. Friends of mine of twins last week they were premature ~ they were unsurprisingly teeny tiny but still delightfully gorgeous! I got to feed one of them and I don’t see how anyone can not feel broody doing that! *thinks about getting a dog*  I visited them at Bath RUH in the neonatal unit! It’s a jolly impressive place and donated by the very lovely Mr Dyson! Gold star to him….


I absolutely love this Bridal bouquet, so simple and yet stunning! Similar to the calla bouquet above I think the beauty of this style is the use of one type of flower only!

For the reception the Bride had collected a whole selection of vintage jugs and vases which we filled with mini sunflowers, ivory stocks, queen anne lace and thistles.