Cottage garden rose delight…….

I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time! We finally got out hands on some fabulous cottage garden roses that have a truly blissful scent, coming all the way from Colombian they do feel terribly special! We used Yves Piaget (pink rose) & Caramel Antike (coffee coloured rose)

I don’t think you get much more blissful than a bridal bouquet filled with locally grown herbs, peonies, scabious, sweet peas, scented roses and much more!

Heaven really……

You might think of scented roses only for those who love the shabby chic cottage garden I just fell out of bed look! But I beg to differ, we put together this arrangement for a woman who lives in shorts, loves the outdoors and walking her dogs and frankly couldn’t be any less girly if she tried!

Apologies for the rustic (some might call it mucky) backdrop but
 I couldn’t resist adding in these beautiful corsages! There were about eight different ones to be made for this wedding as the bride wanted each to be different. You think floristry is playing with flowers well, think again. Each flower head is wired individually then gathered in to create the finished piece.