Indulgent moments…

Its all in the detail!

It’s been a blissful weekend of fabulous moments, beautiful friends, my gorgeous family and of course some stunning flowers.

We went to the The Bath Priory Hotel for a very indulgent lunch, nothing like spending three hours over food that makes you talk. The bottle of 2009 Chilean Syrah really did help too…..

This was all helped by not one but three birthday soiree’s! Drinks were had, moments enjoyed and some fabulous evenings happened!

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this rose as we walked past, the scent was incredible and it got me very excited as we are getting roses like this one for a wedding next weekend.

I promise there will be plenty of photos as I know it will be a gorgeous wedding with a Bride that couldn’t be more excited, but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Colour is such indulgent thing, I know dependent on my mood I will buy whatever flowers I love at that moment. Buying in the markets is fascinating as Laura and I will normally come back with completely different choices!

It might be armfuls of scented peonies for me or vibrant and bold roses for Laura. I love seeing the seasonal touches in our choices and how we enjoy the changes in the year. It might be the vintage green hydrangea that catches our eye or stunning tall delphinium!

What would you choose…..