It’s been too long….

Love this retro car –  just made me smile!

Time has flown yet again and I have been horribly remiss at writing any blogs at all! Photo’s are stacking up on my camera and weddings are all I seem to think about!

There have been some corkers, gorgeous Brides with fabulous flowers. There has been horrendous weather and yet some amazing weddings!

We had a lovely moment this weekend of seeing the Bride stood waiting in the foyer of the hotel to get into a rather stunning Bentley! Such a perfect moment and really wish I could have taken a picture of the very nervous yet stupidly excited Bride who just looked picture perfect. Ho hum…..

Anyway onto pictures cause really, pictures are what we are here for……

I love this shower bouquet! The mix of amnesia and sweet avalanche roses just works fabulously in the Bride’s & the Bridesmaids below!

Absolutely love these centre-pieces, the venue was a marquee in the beautiful grounds of Homewood park. The bride had chosen these striking tall arrangements to complement the black and ivory theme and they certainly were a talking point.

A very sweet Bride walked down the aisle with this bouquet, she was very relaxed on the morning of her big day and was a real pleasure to work with. The wedding was all about family, who seemed to be multi-talented and had chipped in with most of the big stuff. Her bouquet was lovely and fresh, lifted by the variegated ivy which almost gave it a summery feel!!

Her father popped in the day after to rave about how well the day had gone and how we love to hear that!!

I leave you hoping that you are enjoying some blue sky/sunshine/not rainy weather as I am off to have a catch and coffee with a lovely friend inside somewhere! xx