Roll on the sniffly nose….Autumn is here!!

This week has been glorious as I have been able to indulge in my love of all things vintage crate like!! Hurrah I hear you cry…..

Our new display outside Hartley Farm shop is complete, with a truly scrumptious Autumnal display! I would urge you to come visit and check it out!!

I wanted to create a door wreath to welcome Autumn in, I think they make such a gorgeous talking point! The Americans have down to a T with these things. They shouldn’t just be for Christmas, enjoy the season that we are in and celebrate with a fabulous creation like this.

Autumn a go-go, with wicker basket to
complete the look!!

See I even got some corn in there! How Autumnal can you get AND….I picked a load of pumpkins from our Allotment this afternoon, but fret not I won’t force a picture of those on you.

Clash the colours as much as possible. xx

Well, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week, I am off to find some cucumber slices {late night out with my Brother} Never start talking about politics at 10.30pm, it doesn’t work.