A day off…

 I love an adventurous bride. This photo came from a wedding we did this last weekend. She had two sets with flowers to welcome her guests in the entrance way.

I always think its a great to use items which are completely unique to you as it makes your day that bit more special. And what a fabulous talking point for all your guests!!

We have also been in marquee heaven for the last couple of weeks. Marquee’s are interesting as they are a blank canvas from which to create your day.

This wedding was more about the little touches, as the Bride loved butterflies and had left them for us too put into the flowers on the day.

I would always say don’t be afraid to add your own finishing touches after the flowers have been done! Though do always talk to your florist about what you have in mind.

I am not sure whether to be concerned about my love of vintage crates. I would happily buy them until the cows come home. I’m building an collection of them up at the workshop as they are fabulous to display flowers on

I also love photographing flowers on them as they give that extra vintage touch.