Who needs the Gym when……

Who needs the gym when your a florist? We certainly didn’t this weekend, we drove down to a gorgeous barn near Tisbury to decorate for a wedding reception. The weather was certainly VERY mixed, between horrendous downpours & bright sunshine we hung garlands high up in the ceiling of the barn.

The bridal bouquet was vintage to the core, from trailing jasmine to the lavender picked from the Mother of the Brides house. The blowzy peonies helped make it a stunner.

No fear of heights…..

As you can see it was all very natural in style, we created loose garlands of ivy, trailing jasmine and eucalyptus with explosions of flowers. Which included hydrangea, peonies, roses and lisianthus. I felt the style really suited the barn, it was a very rustic look that was needed and thus we created it!!

Outside the barn there was a beautiful courtyard, where drinks were going to be served and seating was arranged. We decorated the pillars with these garlands and had great fun making them, they were so unstructured it was fabulous and the suited the barn so beautifully.

I think sometimes as florists we work in a very structured way, when in fact nature is so unstructured and free.

Will be attempting more free style floristry in the future me thinks……