A triumph of the floral kind….

Top table flowers

 This weekend has been a floral triumph. I won’t tell you how many weddings we did…..safe to say they were all fabulous! Brides were gorgeous, flowers were stunning and safely delivered, the weather held (just) and we were a happy team of florists.

These are photos from one of the weddings. I love delphinium (tall blue flowers) the colour of them is just sensational and really stands out in the reception flowers. They work well in high-ceiling rooms and are certainly noticed in churches!!

For this wedding the Bride had three small cubes along the top table and to get the midnight blue colour in to the smaller arrangements had large beads wired in. This can be a very affective idea if your struggling to match your colour palette to flower choice

Pedestal arrangement for the church

The reception for this wedding was held at the fabulous Bowood house. There reception room is lovely and spacious and the tall delphinium worked well. Sometimes you can forget to encourage Brides to think about the overall affect of what flowers will look like.
So if your wanting statement flowers, think height and colour!!

Reception tables