Spring has sprung?

What to make of this rather marvellous weather? I have the back door open, the Cat is flat out on her back in the sun and I have begun to tackle the rather weedy garden!! I bought my first lot of seeds this year as I have taken a rather big step and got an allotment with a bunch of friends at Hartley farm. Check out the news at http://hartley-farm.blogspot.com/ So I will living the good life…….*giggles*

Its been a busy couple of weeks at Young Blooms HQ. Bouquets been flying out the door and we have also supplied flowers for Perfect Wedding magazine at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham. We will be featured in next months magazine so look for us there.

Well, this is a flying visit to the blog, so enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and I look forward to the future joy of Mother’s day….

Brides bouquet

Spring wreath