On the move

Yup that’s right, Young Blooms is on the move….20 yards!! We have moved into a beautiful purpose built workshop/space thanks to the guys from Bath Bespoke Carpentry  and Hartley Farm. We are really pleased as we are in for all the madness that is Mother’s day weekend. The only problem is that we get excited about all the new things we want to buy (E.g decent coffee machine, radio that actually works, sofa that’s actually comfortable to sit on!)

Stacked full of Mother’s Day loveliness

Anyway the pictures don’t show it in it’s true glory but at least dear reader it gives you an idea.

Wedding season has certainly started for us and we did a beautiful one in Bath Abbey a week ago. The Grooms parents had got married at the Abbey so therefore this couple were allowed. It felt very strange setting all the flowers up with tourists wondering around but apparently they close it off an hour before.

I have included a couple more photos from other weddings, so enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope you all survived the clock going forwards!!

PS Don’t forget its Mother’s day this Sunday and our on-line shop is now live so go and place your orders!!!

PPS George the cat has now arrived and is attempting to sit on the laptop so work is no longer possible!!

Purple loveliness for Bath Abbey wedding

Bridesmaid bouquet of delight!