Just because…..

We have had a brilliant day today…meeting lots of brides!! Its been wedding crazy. Its so gorgeous that no one wedding is the same.Every bride has ideas that will make her day completely unique and her own. I love that we can play a creative part in making that happen. Wedding bookings have been coming in at great speed, in times when things seem a bit bleak its fab to know that we are doing something right!

Anyway onto more lovely topics and pictures….

Who couldn’t help notice the radical u-turn in the weather this week!! Don’t know about where you are but we have had glorious sunshine in sunnny Trow-vegas(local speak for Trowbridge)….what a joy it was to behold. I had my new copy of Country Living this week!!! Hurrah….don’t worry I am getting old before my time but don’t really care, I am truly embracing my thirties before they happen! While digesting the delights of CL, I came accross two rather yummy blogs….Check twitter out this week as I will be putting my wish list on there!! 

I don’t know whether you have noticed that Cadbury’s creme eggs are back in and yes you could have bought your valentines cards about 3 weeks ago…We getting super-organized about the great day!! Our advertsing has been sent off to the printers…so I will unveiling all things valentine-ish this week!!

I wish you all a marvelous weekend, relax lots and make sure there is fun in there somewhere….signing out and off too consume pizza and gin!!