Seasonal Delights

Well, its been a rather varied weekend. Weather wise and all :)….looking back through the photos taken, I thought I would just download a whole lot and let you the viewer enjoy!! These amaryllis are quite frankly sensational, they are currently being enjoyed by customers at Hartley Farm shop (aren’t we nice) These will be available right through the Christmas period as cut flowers and also as plants.

This to my left was a rather yummy bouquet that got boxed up and sent off to leicestershire this afternoon (though I do think my packing left something to be desired) So don’t forget we can send bouquets all around these fair isles and will also be sending Christmas wreaths!!! What joy for the postman….

George has just curled up on my lap demanding attention, so writing may be interesting! She is now big enough to lie down and paw/claw my face in a only the affectionate way she knows how…anyway moving on

This was a bridal bouquet done for a wedding at the Pump Rooms in Bath! I love its simplicity and elegance. Calla’s work incredibly well by themselves, they fit together so easily and create such smooth lines….mmm beginning to sound like my old tutor!!! Finally below is another bridal bouquet. I love that no two bouquets are the same, some Brides will come with a very specific idea and picture of what they want and others really don’t know what they like and you end up creating something together which is great fun. Equally ever being the diplomat, I love both ways of working. Otherwise my job would be dull dull dull!!

Signing out and off to hide under the duvet, as its far too cold.