Autumn leaves

Now as the title may suggest we are going nostalgic, oh yes we are. I don’t know about where you live but the Autumn colours this year are quite frankly gorgeous!!! As I drive to work along the country lanes I can’t help but see the season in all its glory.
But as the photo suggests Autumn is quickly making its way for the festive season as shops begin (VERY) quickly to stock all that you need. The weekend has seen our Christmas stock begin to arrive as we have been sorting out Cinnamon sticks, ordering our handmade vintage lavender hearts, untangling those pesky twinkly lights and sorting out the making of our fabulous Christmas wreaths.

So fear not all you lovely people!! Young Blooms will be here to help you source your every floral need for the coming festive season….and as always keep checking in on our blog to watch out for the new arrivals, the old favourites and frankly down right gorgeous items that we will be selling. Much love and keep warm…..signing out and in search of coffee!!!