Treats all around

I brought some rather gorgeous ‘largo’ parrot tulips home this weekend from work and it got me thinking how often I take flowers to friends and watch them plonk them in a vase or pop them in the sink till they get round to sorting them out. So my thought was to create a helpful top five tips for enjoying flowers in the house.

  1. Take wrapping off (yes I have seen this left on, ha ha)
  2. Cut off about an inch of stem at the bottom
  3. Pull leaves off bottom of stems (so its not floating round in the water going moldy)
  4. Find yummy container (my tulips are in a plant pot that I like) other good containers being jam jars, vases, old retro tin cans…..
  5. Find suitable position for flowers to be enjoyed and admired(because aren’t you good for having fresh flowers in the house!)

And there you have it, simple as pie!! Other flowers/plants to enjoy at this time of the year are potted bulbs, they might sound a bit old hat but we have been potting them up in sleek aluminium tins and they are selling like hot cakes!(photos to follow…)