Treats all around

It’s been a rather nice week so far…people have been phoning with requests such as ‘well, my friends feeling down and I would love to send a little treat to cheer her up’. That was the yummy sunflowers to the right. Or ‘I just wanted to send a thank you present to my friend, can you do me something nice?’ I think sometimes there is nothing more lovely than sending flowers. When people are not in the habit of treating themselves to a little luxury here and there, then its even better to do it for them.

If you do fancy a visit to the farm shop then our workshop (filled with very nice flowers and furniture) is now open 9.30am till 12 every day. And then you can stock up on treats for yourself and others…

Anyway I’m off to finish the quince jelly making extravaganza!!!!…..enjoy the rest of your weekend xx