Sunday Musings

Well, its been a funny week. Both of us sleeping lots and trying to cut down on the latte intake. But the van is cleaned out and the workshop almost back to normal. For those not in the know, we had a stand at the National Wedding Show (NEC) last weekend. Looking back it all seems like a blurry dream of sparkly wedding dresses, brides and vintageness (Ala Young Blooms of course)
But all in all we made some good contacts and met lots of lovely people. Do check out These lovely people supplied our vintage crockery which got so many compliments. As you can see, small bunches of lovelyness placed in teacup and saucer works a treat.
The scariest highlight moment of this week was when we began to think about the next couple of weeks, which then rapidly switched to musing upon christmas and writing plans on the back of envelopes…cause thats what we like to do hahah, though it was made worse by driving past a local gift shop and seeing 93 shopping days left till Christmas….
Wowee, I think I am making a pact with myself to enjoy Autumn, mush through the leaves in the park, weed the garden, have a bonfire and enjoy walks in the autumn sun wrapped up in nice woolly scarves. Yes that is a plan!!!!
Anyway I sign out (in search of honey and lemon,mmm I think I have a mild case of man flu, though still determined to mush through the leaves) enjoy!!