A further top five

Well, now I dispelled all the rubbish about helping cut flowers survive in your home, I move onto plants! To be honest this is a slightly amusing topic for me to touch on as those who know me know that plants really don’t survive that long in my house! But fret not before you fall over in a heap of desperation…….

I have had a eureka moment!!

Think Spring bulbs!!! Nooooo I hear you say that’s so Grannified. But no, check out the photo. There is nothing that speaks less Granny than this arrangement. A nice sleek and stylish tin, sits easily on any coffee table and makes any visitor think your obviously a Kirsty Allsop in the making….

Anyway, enough of Allsop

Here is my top five hints for trying to keep plants alive at home:

  1. Read care instructions (always good to state the obvious)
  2. Watering, this might seem silly but all plants are different. Reading instructions will help on this matter. For instance orchid plants don’t like to sit in water as the roots will go moldy…
  3. If its a flowering plant, always a good idea to pull of heads that are dead or dying. Then the plant can put energies in elsewhere!
  4. Think about the position of the plant. Don’t put plant in sunlight if its not a fan!
  5. Enjoy it as it enjoys your care and attention and then frankly you can feel pleased as punch and come over all Kirsty Allsop or Allan Titchmarsh…(which ever floats your boat)

And there you have it, very simple tips for healthy plants! (If you don’t succeed then just give us a ring and we can send the replacement, no one will be none the wiser 🙂