The joy of colour

Sounds a like a rather grandiose title, but I had a moment last week!!! The moment happened when I was conditioning the flowers (that’s technical speak for putting flowers into water). It was the colour and more so the contrast of colours and rather pleasing they were!

Now I know flowers like celosia are up for debate but I had bright orange celosia, peach roses, sedum, orange gerbera and purple dalhia to play with!! Now I don’t know about you or whether flowers even float your boat but I was in flower heaven.

Its funny when selling flowers at the farm-shop where we are, because we have yet to work out what mood our customers are in and what is going to take their fancy! I’m sure if I was of a scientific nature I would be able to find some study of customer moods and what makes them buy certain flowers and not others? Buckets full of cream gerbera go like hot cakes and a bucket full of gorgeous roses will hang around like a bad smell! Why?! Maybe I will do some reasearch and let you know! Anyway am signing out and off to drink some herbal tea (busy weekend and all that)x