Delicous sights & smells

Is there not something completely delicious about finding a new something and thinking ‘yes this is just up my alley?!?’ Am home from work and sitting in the garden, beer in hand while I scribble my thoughts down! The weather is just yummy & autumnal and is blessing for the wedding we did this morning! The new something was Wick Barn…

A very chic new venue situated near Farliegh Hungerford, beautifully decorated and was a fabulous setting for out flowers (he he). From the farrow & Ball stable doors, the bunting tastefully draped around,to the Molton Brown moisturiser in the toilets. You can understand why I fell in love.

More exciting than all that Young Blooms is moving…….

Only to next door of course!!! We are in cahoots with Hartley farm on a new venture, we are sharing our workspace with lots of very gorgeous shabby chic french furniture. The type of stuff you would fill your house with (that’s if I had my way…boy wonder thinks it just needs a coat of paint)…so I sign out with a view to eating more cheese and contemplating moving..