Chic & Unique

Chic & Unique has been the phrase of the day in all things Young Blooms. Sounds like it should be the title of a Madonna song!! Well yet again the weather has held for the lucky bride, we were back in the yummy Wicke barn & this time it was elegant, cool & chic!! And quite frankly all in the detail.

Well talking about detail, we are now two florists with nervous twitchy eyes!! A little google/medical research (I know, I know this is never a good idea!!)…. but apparently caused by too much caffiene!! NOOOOO…Us florists exsist on latte’s, or least I do.

Boy wonder is ironing his shirts….I know well trained or what. The sun is shining and George the cat is bumbling round in the garden somewhere…the rest of the afternoon is up for debate, but I think walks and nice pints will probably work for me, so enjoy whatever your up too….signing off till next time.
Ps Enjoy the photos below!!

This is part of our new workshop! You can see surely why I want to take most of the furniture there home….

Simple yet, perfectly elegant!! Laura is truly fab!!!! ( that’s the other of me, in Young Blooms world)

And of course this is the imfamous George….boy wonder is not a fan, though secretly I think he quite likes her.